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Arranging a funeral can be a difficult time, and we don’t always know the funeral preferences of our loved ones.

Pre-planning a funeral makes sound emotional and financial sense. Not only can it help protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress at a difficult time, it also ensures that your own wishes are carried out.

We understand the conversation about funeral planning can be very emotional to many individuals and families, so by giving you the information, resources and the options available, we try to take the uncertainty away.

Just because you are pre-planning a funeral, this doesn’t mean you need to put money up front, however this is an option using a FuneralPlan or Funeral Bond.

To learn more about pre-planning a funeral, or FuneralPlan Funeral Bonds, please contact our office on 08 9881 1161.

Allow yourself time

You may feel the need to organise a funeral quickly. Sometimes, families see the funeral as a painful experience and want it to be over quickly. This is not always the best approach. It is important to understand the loss of a loved one, and sometimes you need to allow yourself time to do this. It is also important to that it is ok to put the needs of your family first. Trying to balance your loved ones wishes and your own needs and mourners is a difficult task. Don’t be afraid to slow down, take your time, and ensure you consider and carry out all of your preferred options. It is often better to fulfil the essence of a loved ones wishes than the specific details.

Making an Arrangement

Following the death of a loved one, you will need to organise a time to meet with a funeral director for an arrangement. This can be done by calling 08 9881 1161, and if you are unable to come into our funeral home, we can come to you.

At this arrangement we will need to collect information for Death Registration, this includes parents particulars of the deceased, childrens names and date of birth, and any marriage details

What to Consider

  • The style of service you wish to have for your loved one
  • Whether you have a preferred clergy or celebrant to conduct the service
  • Do you have any clothes you would like your loved one to wear?
  • Do you want to place a family notice in the newspaper? Provide us with your wording and let us do this for you

Other tasks which may require more time

  • Relatives needing to travel
  • The opportunity to spend more time with your loved one before their service
  • The preparation of a eulogy, photo display, memorial booklets

Burial or Cremation

Whether you have a preference for burial or cremation, we are able to cater for both requests.

Often, religious beliefs, or already having a family plot or grave, need to be factored into the decision between burial and cremation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the options you do have.

Choosing a Venue

It may be important for religious or cultural beliefs to hold this service in a particular church or place of worship. It may also be appropriate to hold the service in a local community centre or hall. It is also becoming more popular for families to select more unique, personal venues to create a fitting send off for a loved one. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss alternative venue locations in more details.

Crematorium chapels available to us include Bunbury, Albany, Fremantle, Karrakatta, and Pinnaroo.


Our Price List

For an overview of our pricelist, please see the below link.

We do understand that every situation is different, and as such, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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What payment options do I have?

We understand the stresses and emotional strains that accompany the departure of a relative or friend and the matter of payment can be difficult at this time.

Whilst our normal payment terms require all funeral and function expenses be paid prior to the funeral ceremony, we are also happy to discuss finance options.

If however you are looking at pre-planning for your own peace of mind, the option of a funeral bond could be appropriate. Funeral Bonds are an excellent way to clearly communicate your preferences and take much of the burden away from your loved ones at an emotional time, when decisions are difficult to make.